So there is this thing called chirp.io which allows you to transmit data via ultrasonic sound. No special hardware needed. Only a mic and a speaker. I wonder why this isnt used in smart watches instead of BLE as it requires even less power. Probably because sound is less penetrating than radio waves??!

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    Because sound, be it audible of not, causes damage to your ears if you are exposed for a long time. Also, some people can listen to high pitched frequencies.
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    Also, is it even ultrasonic? I definitely used audible chirps from them in the past.
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    since there's many people who have no trouble hearing their voltage transofmers' noise, (me being one of them) this sounds like a... neat idea in theory, but a horrible one in practice.

    also, any kind of sound transmission is very prone to noise (in the data quality sense), which is why phone modems never were too good
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    Could we do it with normal sound and disguise the data stream as music or hide it in music. That sounds fun.
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