Is reading books just a vay to multiple your questions and feel double stupid?

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    @M1sf3t the book is perfect!
    I'm just kinda freak that I ask so many questions
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    That's fine and quite natural.
    It seems you're reading the right books.

    From a certain break even point, you'll have gathered enough knowledge to answer your questions coming up by new readings.

    Then, you'll either have to explain your solutions to your clients / surroundings or delegate to experts of your field.

    At least, that's how it comes to me.
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    That's normal. Answer them from the internet if you can, read more if you can't. Traditionally this is how learning worked. (Except you'd ask a professor instead of google)
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    The more you know, the better you know how much you don't know.
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    If you're talking about the "Rust Book" then I feel you
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    @dmonkey what is it about?
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    It's the book of the Rust language. I don't liked it when I read it (some months ago, maybe they updated it)
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    @dmonkey seems like a debugging challenge
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    That makes me think.
    Depends on what kind of book you're reading, obviously.

    But admittedly, I do feel stupid sometimes when reading books.
    It sucks
    And it's a thing
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