eVeRy LiNuX uSeR...

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    No, some prefer to load every command by searching theire history with more up key taps than the entire command would need to be typed out. I need a ls, let's just search my history.
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    *laughs inside while I also remember I type 'sudo ap' and then hit tab so I don't have to press T'
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    What about using aliases for most frequently used long commands :p
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    I alias as much as possible 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Most Linux users: type a command (if known, otherwise google it), search for parameters or the whole command with params from interwebs (without knowing what you are doing), if not working, try sudo.

    And behold, you are using the most popular GUI of modern age; Google.

    No offense anyone 😁
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    I just type
    history | grep command then !number ... But yeah most of the commands in the logs were "tabbed typed"
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