I was so excited about getting a fitbit charge 3 for my girlfriend. coz she wanted a fitbit for a long time.

she as always was trying to find out what i got so she usually starts a guessing game.

in the middle of the game she says look i dont need to know anymore ill love it whatever it was. i just hope its not a fitbit.

so me being someone who is completely ok with exercising the stores exchange policy i tell her it is a fitbit. she swears to me shes wanted one forever but she ddnt want me to pay that much money so i dont need to exchange it with anything.

next day on the phone, she tells me how much she appreciates it and just was afraid id get one coz she ddnt used to like her dads fitbit. but the other models are really cool.

what was ur dads fitbit? i asked

oh just the ugly charge 3 one. she replied

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    Don’t worry OP, you will never win, get used to it.
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    Yeah it's pretty ugly but not the ugliest thing ever
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    @bkwilliams hit the nail on the head.
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    think about what getting a fitbit says to your girlfriend.

    It says to her she needs to "exercise more."

    Think about what getting one for her AND you says to her:

    it says you want to get out more together.

    With women, unless it's chocolate, always ask what it *means* to her.
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    Listen to @Wisecrack.
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    Man, that was a rollercoaster of a story!
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    Fitbit is being sold to Google anyway. Best not to get one.

    - Sincerely, a Charge 3 owner
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    So rule of thumb:
    When you acquire a gift for your girlfriend, apply a domain transformation to the gift and evaluate then.

    Jokes aside, this is actually solid advice. I had to learn this the hard way with my partner. It's really more about the gesture and the effort you put into the gift rather than the gift itself.
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    And so begins the cult lol.
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