To get myself into a better relation with golang, I started working on an electronless, cancer free, cross platform lightweight slack client.

I will be using the Fyne UI lib, and am already in love with it.
So far my mockup UI compiles into a fully portable >20Mb binary. the netcode shouldnt take any more than that, hoping to end up with a ~50Mb project.

- theres gonna be a lightweight slack client available at one point
- fyne is awesome, get it at https://fyne.io/

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    well good luck, non-web UI makes me shiver all the time.
    But then it's Go, which by definiton makes it nice.

    If you are concerned about gettin the executable size down (without going platform-specific with gcc-go), strip the symbols using linker flags and you can even use UPX to shrink it tremendously (with a tiny hit on start-up time)
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    @h0ru5 Hmm, that sounds nice. Primary concern is speed over size though, but small size would also be nice. One of the project goals, among the primary - go practice, is to show that a glorified IRC should not be so slow and shit like slack is.
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    Chemo that mess!
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    @Root I hope to :) but it'll take me a while, since I am coding it on my off-work time, so mostly weekends
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    Would love to hear about this project going forward. Subscribed to your account to hear more
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    same, sounds mildly interesting.
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    @Wisecrack doing it mostly as go practise on weekends, so dont expect it too soon though
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    Hey no probs. We all have backburner projects and "when I have time" projects. Things take time to cook.

    How you liking Fyne? How easy is it to build custom widgets? How complete is it? Lots of gotchas or does it just mostly work as you expect (least surprise)?
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