I know Python but never done web-development and needed it for one or two project. The requirement is some data-api and graph. There is flask and django but I'm not sure how should I proceed. ????

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    What do you want to build? Here's my suggestion:

    Rest api/simple website: flask
    Complex scallable webapp project: django
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    Research is the first step if you're asking that question
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    @volttide its simple realtime data display with some graph
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    Although flask is good, but I'd say go with Django because its community support is great. You can find solutions to almost every problem and django has way more features than flask
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    If you need a DB and stuff I’d go with Django, it has all you need out of the box.
    If it’s an api for static stuff I’d recommend flask, it’s very light and easier to get into than Django.
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    @zen29d lmao it's not simple, just use django😂
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    @volttide if he already knows python, why shouldn’t it be simple?
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    @just8littleBit he wants to consume data in realtime, it's not that simple, so I think django can handle it better than flask
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    @volttide depends on the technologies..

    He might be using Kafka, ws or who knows what..

    Just saying it’s not that simple to know if it’s simple or not, if you know what I mean.
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    @just8littleBit but he mentioned that he never done web dev, so I just helped him to choose his available choices 🤷
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    I started with flask but stuck in some error. and by the way what is the use of jinja in flask..
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