I'm struggling with learning JavaScript and wondered if anyone had advice that would make learning and retaining it a little easier.

I've been through multiple HTML and CSS fundamentals courses on various apps and a couple on JavaScript and though I have the basics more or less down the more advanced stuff is really kicking my brains butt.

I would ask this on Sololearn but 90% of people on there are morons who struggle to even use the app let alone read. A page can give you the answer to a question that follows and you got people saying that they need help with the answer. I mean how dumb can you be?

I'm not looking for an easy ride but I do feel I lack direction and with so many resources out there I'm a bit lost as to what experienced devs think are good.

I'm pretty consistent on at least on hour a day, 7 days a week. Though I only have about 2 months of experience which isn't crap in regards to the bigger picture. So I'm still extremely green but also very dedicated and want to learn so I can change careers.

Anyways opinions and or criticisms are welcome.Cheers.

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    Take a decently non-trivial project and build it from start to finish. Pretty much the only way to learn, you'll get to know stuff by running into problems and search engine-ing your way out.
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    I would say, start building simple reactJS application, u will learn the JS in the most difficult way, but u will understand it in the best way.
    ATB !
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    I have 3 advices:
    1-Read books (I recommend YDKJS )
    2-Search on MDN
    3-Try shit
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    Do you want to go into a full stack JS dev role or are tou more interested in using JS for frontend development?

    If for frontend therr are multiple projects you can build for which pure JS manages your frontend, same could be said for backend JS.
    Use MDN(a lot) and read through You Don't Know JS(books series, these are free) and also check on the Modern JS tutorial at javascript.info

    Eloquent JS is another excellent resource :D. I would not suggest learning a framework like react just yet, concentrate on pure JS, that way you can go around its quirks, and learn its fundamental building blocks well.
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    Mr Douglas Crockford's Javascript The good parts is the place to go. A compact book. An indispensable read.
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    First: ditch SoloLearn. I started with it and it really only hurt later.
    Check out CodeCademy or FreeCodeCamp. They have some good stuff.
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    @Nawap That's absolutely horrible advice. ReactJS will be impossible to truly learn JS with if you don't know the fundamentals first.
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    That's y I said it's a difficult way.
    I just personally feel top-down approach on learning (like blindly copy paste the code and drill down how it's working)

    Yeah learning that way only u would have tried some concepts but that's enough to sustain Ur intrest in the area, and then explore !!
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    @Ubbe Ill check it out thanks
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    @RememberMe Ive considered that but have just lacked the confidence to follow though. Maybe its times. Thanks
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    @Salim Ill look into it thanks.
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    @AleCx04 Eventual goal would be Fullstack but I dont want to get ahead of myself so sticking to Front End just so I dont get overwhelmed with the large number of things Im going to need to know. Thanks for the advice.
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    @PrivateGER Ive heard good things about FCC on Reddit. The Odin Project was also mentioned. Do you have any experience with that? Thanks for the advice. Your right its time to ditch Sololearn for greener pastures.
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    @Nawap You could be right Ill just have to try and see how it goes. Thanks
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    I started by learning Typescript and then slowly emerging into the JS ecosystem
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    @ReverendLovejoy I haven't heard of it but I'll look into it.
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    @derekwsparks just start a project and go ahead with it. The worst thing that can happen is that you fail but you learn something anyway, which still leaves you better off than you were before.
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    @RememberMe great advice. Thanks. That just leaves me with what project should I choose. I have dozens of app ideas but all are way out of my scope of knowledge right now. I'll Google around for some simple app ideas and go from there.
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