Product name: K.I.D.

Product version: v2

Project duration: 9 months

Deployment to LIFE ETA: within next 24 hours

Tests' status: GREEN

uuhhhh soooo exciting! Hopefully this time deployment tools do not fail, like they did when releasing v1. Thanks God it still ended well.

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    What... What happened to v.1.0?

    (Good luck to Miss Netikras)
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    @Jilano equipment required for successful release was not working. Another piece of the same equipment was brought on-site from another deployment site - not even turning on.
    Third attempt from yet another site - not functioning properly.

    Manual intervention saved the whole release. That was scary af

    P.S. thanks!
    P.P.S. *mrs ;)
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    @netikras I can imagine! Glad to hear that everything was fine in the end.

    *Crosses fingers*
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    What is that?
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    Exciting! Good luck, and give us an update when you're though!
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    @netikras how... how the fuck does that even happen?! I hope someone lost their job for not doing maintenance on the essential equipment

    PS: Oh, and good luck :-)
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    Took me a second to figure out what K.I.D was lol
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    The SLA’s will kill you in 16 years time .... I know this from my own (triple project) experience ...
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    @Hansz He should only worry for the project to fork child processes before they have developed a standalone process manager.

    Oh, and congratulations :)
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