I am doing a test on security on my server. I need people to hack it and report the findings.

My server IP is

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    damn you lol
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    # ssh -L 22: root@Demolishun.com

    # enter your password: **********

    #Welcome Root!
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    so funny oh it's a loopback joke no one's ever done this before...
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    @C0D4 i tried that command and got a usage error.
    i get it but is that actually supposed to work?
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    @nystl it's a tunnel to internal network from an external host.

    Granted probably shouldn't work at all in this event, and I have no idea if that's the actual host name or valid for that matter.
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    well, it's pretty secure
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    Where do you live, just asking
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    I hacked it easily
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    @Parzi I used to be on a really active Minecraft IRC channel. They had a rule of not posting server advertisement. So we would occasionally say "Check out my server at". Technically it broke the channel rules, but everyone had a good laugh about it. Good times.
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