I wonder sometimes is maybe management just like. Forgot that I'm my partner's primary transportation or something. I cannot imagine how else they would have approved putting them on a 4p-1a shift where they are alone and have no other transportation options save for me, their roommate who has to be up at 6a M-F, or walking home. But like it's 1a and actually freezing outside, so...

I dunno, maybe it's the sleep-deprivation, but it seems to me like they didn't think very hard about this, despite being made well aware a month or better in advance, and clearly understanding it then since HR had me take them for their drug test just before they were hired on because they didn't have another available ride.

But, then too, this is the same management and HR that left my partner without "official" access to clean drinking water or a working bathroom for almost 3 weeks because they delayed getting them a door code, so I'm not sure what I expected, exactly ๐Ÿ˜’

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    Which banana republic is that?
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    @SomeNone The US.

    Unless you're talking about the clothing brand? But neither of us are working with Gap Inc. right now.
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    @RoswellGreysen Ah yes, I forgot that in the US, public transport is non-existent for the most part. And that employers can screw you over (almost) whichever way they want to.

    About the clothing brand: I don't usually pay attention to brands, but that one is quite the crap, in my opinion.
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    i wOnDeR SOMeTIMeS is MaYBe ManaGeMEnt juSt LikE.
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