Refactoring my old code, ayy lmao the cringe...

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    😧mind you I do enjoy when those edge cases come bite you in the ass a long time after forgetting about them.
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    I do think it's funny

    hate me if you want
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    The only problem I see is that you're translating values in SQL select instead of doing it in frontend
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    Oh hey, I did this in System Programming sometimes.
    It was like "Untreated error type, give this student a 0!" Lol
    (thing that never happened when I did that lol)
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    @hitko the problem is he should be joining against a table that has codes and descriptions but instead every time he wants to add or update these codes he will need to recreate this view or whatever it is.
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    My code is filled with these little things, half of them are literally impossible to trigger... Yet I have triggered them all
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    I have heaps of those in my code, even in my old scratch projects 😂
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