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Im attending Computer Science Study's im at the end of 1. Semester. We'r going to cover app development in 4th semester, but i cant wait that long, i want to use my spare time starting to build apps to get ahead of studys.

Im currently pretty decent in Java, so i want the app based on java language, and we've used scenebuilder for our desktop GUI's so far with FXML..

QUESTION : What do you use to develop java based ios/android apps - software,languages, etc.

Dont want to start a "this is better than that " war, just looking for a good entrypoint to java app development.


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    IntelliJ for a heavy-ish IDE that is seriously good out of the box and has crazy code analysis and navigation, Google Android Studio (which is actually just a skin over IntelliJ) for Android app dev

    Eclipse/NetBeans for lighter stuff
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    Do random shit
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    @RememberMe so im pretty comfortable with intellij as we use that in class, but what would you do for GUI in the app?
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    @BitByteBoolean For Android only, there is a framework in the Android API itself.
    If you install Android Studio, there are a few examples how to use them.
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    i just bash c# code over the head with unity until some file ending in .apk falls out of its anus, and then i stick that into the phone.

    nobody will ever force me again to touch actual java for actual android purposes. i have no idea what magic is going on in the background, and that's precisely how i want it to stay. all the horrors of android java programming suppressed deep into my subconscious, never to resurface again.

    *takes a bite from his phone*
    Ignorance is bliss.
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