Currently working on my new app idea that will revolutionise modern politics. Never again will you have to worry about your opinions affecting somebody else. My new forum will require Racial Detection™ where you will have the opportunity to voice anonymous concerns and see the points of view of different skin colours. Then you can truly pander to your desired demographic.

We're calling it: Minority Report

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    Shut the fuck up michael, make new videos you piece of shit
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    A Chinese company has probably started copying your idea and will launch it tomorrow.
    They’ll probably name it something similar like Minortity report
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    "It went great, for 23 minutes"

    "Then, 4chan had an idea"
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    Is this supposed to be a jeme?
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    @mac-aga minor tity report? Sounds NSFW.
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    @Codex404 @mac-aga

    >minor tity

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    Sounds straight out of a Michael Reeeves video.
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    So what if I print a face of a black person and say whatever I want?

    Or if in the wrong lighting an asian or hispanic person shows up white? Can this be trusted? :D
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    @Hazarth With infrared everyone is the same color. I watched a ghost hunter show where they only showed everyone in infrared. When they turned the lights on I was shocked to see that one of the hunters had midnight black colored skin. So infrared shows everyone as 98.6.
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    @Demolishun yes ofc, infrated only maps heat radiation so ofc everyone is the same, but OP mentions "Racial Detection" and I can't think of a different way than using the camera to see the color of the skin? I guess OP did Trademark it, so he wont tell us how it works
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