To good to be true

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    To the guy who just had +64.
    I will look for you...
    I will find you...
    And I'll ++ you.
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    Sry. Just gave #5
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    Incase you want it, there is a dark theme on devRant. Join the dark side.
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    I am hesitating to ++ rants with the value of 69. If I ++ one rant to 70, it has to be good.

    BTW OP, join the dark side.
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    @KuroTenshi67 thanks...? Weird seeing somebody post about your own rant...
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    My eyes were bleeding thanks to that bright theme...
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    Kk 2 things:
    1. Join the dark side.
    2. I see that you have an android phone. You can crop your screenshots, so it only shows one post.
    Sorry I just had to say those things. Thank you for putting up with me.
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