I must admit I like Microsoft a lot, but today, I hate them. Yesterday the Windows 10 anniversary update was pushed and I was forced to install it. As I had a day of meetings I did.

This morning I started my laptop and and browsed to one of the web apps I'm developing for my client. The website didn't work. Turns out Microsoft uninstalled all specific Windows features, such as IIS, MSMQ, and much much more. Guess I'll be spending my time this morning or day to reconfigure my system. Happy anniversary Microsoft.

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    Yeah, the updates do that.

    It frustrated me at first, but it does stop people from not updating the other features which they otherwise might not.
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    @drRoss I'm opening a ticket at MS because now I have so many hours wasted that I cannot let my customer pay for. So I'm going to try to let MS pay for that.
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    @CodeMasterAlex Lol, don't waste your time.
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    Learn about virtualization: vm, docker, vagrant
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    @heyheni Yeah I know I should have done that. I will set it up some day in the near future so I have the perfect dev environment for each customer.
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    Fuck Microsoft go use Ubuntu or Linux
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