So... when's rantCon?

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    When people rant the most. :P
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    And there is also a s presentation about noobdevs.
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    I fear that rantCon would just turn into a war zone. There would be riots everywhere, fighting between next line open curly brace vs same line, curly brace vs white space delimited, etc.
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    Needs tour! Me wants rantcon europe, too! @dfox please fuel rantforce one!
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    I'm in!! 😀
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    @Linux I love how your username is just
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    @wubstepper what about a spaces vs tabs pillow fight? Each team has a pillow with the symbol printed on it: a space, or a tab.
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    I'll be the guest speaker to the agenda named "That fucking library you're using is old and weak!" and will teach tips how not to be a dinosaur.
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    I don't know about you guys but I would rather tune in to a livestream than leave my house
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