This is the most crazy, ugly, beautiful, stupid, and genius thing I’ve seen all year:


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    That's amazing 😅
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    @Root yeah, kudos to this guy for putting himself through such mental torture for our entertainment. A true hero
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    I guess the guy spent everything in one single post
    Looks like my blog but better! I have like 5 posts with 2 lines each kkkk

    Amazing post!
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    Blogging is exhausting

    I tried writing a "cracked" style post here every week. Even my bottomless pit of homicidal despair, cult-like self-love, maniacal hatred of humanity, and 14-year old sailor talk could not long sustain my campaign to be at the top of santa's "this person is fucking aweful" list.

    Maybe I'll take up knitting ugly christmas sweaters that resemble the uniforms of murderous congolese armies again.
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