Python sucks so hard!! Slow Interpreter, Broken Multithreading. It really sucks. Overrated language.

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    Just like every language, it's good at certain things and bad at others. Thankfully, people don't try to push Python as much as JS ans its bloated frameworks.
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    Them’s fightin words
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    Honestly, though. Saying that any language “sucks so hard” is always bullshit. They all have pros and cons, and they all excel in something.

    That is a very naive outlook.
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    Without mentioning more details it really sounds like you're just raging pointlessly. Yes raw Python is slow versus say C but Python was never designed to go fast, all performance work is done by delegating computation to libraries in C/Fortran etc. or on the GPU (numpy and co.), and that is an extremely fast and user friendly combination.

    Multithreading isn't broken, the GIL is there for a reason and if you disagree with that, cool, call a different language from Python, use Stackless Python for green threading, or use subprocess if you can afford multiple processes instead.

    Besides, tools like Cython and Numba can really make Python go wayy faster if you need it to, but only for raw number crunching (it'll always suck at memory ops compared to C/C++ etc.).

    Hating on the syntax is a subjective thing though so I guess that's justified.
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    If you're just venting then sure, rage away, it really can be quite annoying at times :)
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    I love python! While I can agree with everyone it struggles with things, it's great for rapid machine learning algorithms
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    What do I care if it's slow, if you can import anti-gravity. No, seriously, I wish C++ had that good libraries, saner syntax and would be so terse.

    Sure haven't written any production code in it. But for some quick'n'dirty hacks: Wanna do some binary fiddling: import struct - read and manipulate a wave file: import wave - do some crypto - import ya know?

    So much gone of nasty boilerplate, searching for libraries that are broken anyways.
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    @phorkyas I would totally recommend Rust as a good low level language with fantastic libraries and a really convenient library system.
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    Feeling lot of heat in here
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    It's fast at coding.
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    @Python sorry for the hotness in here. It has just been a few seconds since I was here. I will go away now /s
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