The lights in the data center broke.
Everything else is working.

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    You THINK everything is working 👀
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    So, it's working like it's supposed to work in the event of a power incident?
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    If the only thing that went dark are the lights, I’d consider that a win
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    @Plasticnova If you don't have to install a new server...
    Unfortunately, there is no remote access to unprovisioned hyper visors and the level of automation is not high enough yet.
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    Check the setting:

    Is "Data Center Dark Theme" selected?
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    Now you know where the darknet is. Check out whether some white powder is trickling out of the servers.
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    @sbiewald you can with some systems. I always got a DRAC added when I buy servers from dell for example. There are several other hardware solutions out there as well
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    @Plasticnova Unfortunately the switch is to small for an extra iDRAC connection - and I really don't want to put old iDRAC versions into the normal network.
    On another server (and other location), iLO (the same, but in HPE servers) saved my ass a few times after some firewall misconfigurations.
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    @sbiewald I don’t blame you, outdated DRAC is a vulnerability

    Might be time for a new unit though
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    @Plasticnova You know, no budget :)
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    @bahua Luckily, it is only the light bulbs or the thirty years old lightswitch.
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    dark theme!
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    sounds spooky.

    Sneak up on people and be like "oooooh! I'm the ghost of the maintenance man!"
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