Just finished 60x60 Minesweeper that allows continue after hitting a mine.

33/750 mines triggered and 1hr+ gone....

I should have better things to do with my time but...


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    You can do better than that.
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    😆 why?

    but i should be quiet just spent 2 hours playing on www.geoguessr.com exploring the world through google streetview. 🥺
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    @Root which part? More mines, larger board or less blown up?

    @heyheni well I did write this version a long time ago... But just felt like playing it for some reason... Maybe I'm just tired, needed something mindless....

    Should go-to sleep instead...
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    @terraria99 hmm that is telling given part of the reason I did 60 was to see how long my monster PC would take to generate the grid...
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    83 on 100x100.... I think took 3 evenings though....

    Never doing that again... I think.

    Also any larger and it seems to cause a NET/WPF dependency overflew or something...
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