When project managers are panicking and you know you are really so close from done, a few fixes and everything will fall into place. But manager is on your neck because "nothing is working" now you must take time to be their psychologist instead of working on what is actually making them panic 🙃 development is a rough space. One bug can stand in front of working products just like that

I really wanna say, please fuck off for a few hours. Thanks bye.

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    If only we could say that... our lives would be so much easier 😆
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    @w1zard Oh, we're not allowed to?!
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    Mmmh, reminds me of a client of mine, which does it all, from project manager, down to functional analyst and QA tester. He Is the first one dealing with bugs and reporting them, but his anxiety is such that he would meddle with development details that he cannot fully understand and needs constant reassuring on our part fueled by his lack of technical background.

    I find quite amazing.
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