Can someone make like a tinder app, only for finding employees/job?

Can we remove HR companies from standing in the middle and making things hard on both sides?!?! Fuuuck

This could be so much easier..swipe..swipe .. There's a match.. scheduled interview.. done

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    🤔this could work.

    Except for those companies that have a giant form to fill in that takes like 2-3 days to get through while expecting more information about me than Google or Facebook already have on me combined.

    The process should be simplified, 1 resume (pdf), 1 bio pre filled and ready to go.

    Seekers swipe to apply,
    Recruiters swipe to accept / reject

    And the other way could work too,

    Recruiters companies swipe to offer a position,
    Seeker swipes to accept / decline offer.

    Shit.... I just gave a way a business.

    Product disclosure statement: in reading and making use of this open information, you accept to pay @C0D4 in royalties of up to 49% of you're business / companies annual income.
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    I can code this but it will cost u 1 billion dollars please
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    Here in Austria we have such an app. It's called Hokify. Never used it though...
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    I’d rather have an app that acts as a honeypot for shitty employees.

    Are you on Honeypot.app?

    Yes I am actually!


    Edit: on second thought I guess that’s 4chan
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    The most fucking scariest thing about this is that my girlfriend just started to work at a company doing exactly this.

    And I too, love this idea.
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    @Plasticnova you think peeps from 4chan will actually say they're on 4chan?
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    y not linked?
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    That would eliminate all the sexism and racism awkwardness from my hiring. I'd still be be a sexist racist but I wouldn't have to explain myself.
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    "Meet me in men's bathroom at the mall. On the 4th floor. Between 4 and 6 it's mostly deserted. I got a job offer for you. Try to avoid the cleaning lady, she's been trying to get in my company for WEEKS"
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    @Tayo I’ll use a modern rorschach test, “what does this meme remind you of”

    I’ll catch em eventually
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    @Plasticnova they'll just respond with "what's a meme?"
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    @Tayo that’s good enough for me actually. If they don’t know what a meme is they’re either lying or out of touch
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    @Plasticnova oh shit I'm gonna have to rethink my tactics
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    That would be amazing. While they're at it they should make a Tinder app for dating as well!
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