Moscow police raided the Nginx offices after a copyright complaint.

The former employer of Igor Sysoev (= the Nginx founder), Rambler, made a copyright complaint and claimed they own full copyrights on Nginx, as it was created at the time of his employment Rambler sold the copyright enforcement rights to Lynwood Investments (which is connected to the Rambler owner) on Cyprus, which tried to enforce it now.

Nginx was created as project during the employment of Sysoev at Rambler and was published as ioen sourxe - interestingly Rambler became the first user of it and did not try to enforce copyright after Sysoef left the company and founded (together with a few other) the Nginx, Inc. in 2011.

Since this year Nginx, Inc. is owned by F5.


https://golem.de/news/... (German)
https://zdnet.com/article/... (English)

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    What does this mean for the program itself?
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    Sounds like the execs at Rambler thought something like, 'Ah, F5 owns Nginx now, and they have boatloads of cash, let's sue them to see what we can squeeze out of them.'
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    @Fast-Nop Hadn't seen it here - must've overread it. Thanks for pointing out.

    @alexbrooklyn We will see - currently it is just a claim and nothing proved, but I don't see why they did wait >15 years for claiming it. I somehow doubt they "temporarily forgot" about it being open source.
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