2 things I am never gonna see in my life.
1. Parties
2. Snow

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    Things i'll never see :
    1. Girlfriend
    2. The first Humans on another planet
    3. Another person, which i don't already know
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    1. You can see someone else's girlfriend.
    2. Elon musk is there for you
    3. Every frigging day you have to face new people . Its inevitable.
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    Since your description is vague, there's a loophole. You can do these things in a video game.

    I suggest Star Citizen to save time and do both at the same time.
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    I'll send you a picture of the snow in Japan, how's that?
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    @Jilano of course I can see this in video games, movies, tv shows.

    But did you notice something? You got my point and still you tried to improve my perspective.

    Even though you couldn't fulfil what I wanted in the first place . But it kinda full fills the extra add-on perspective which you mentioned.
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    @Tayo 100% perfect my brotha.
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    @Jilano have you played it? How is it? Been meaning to give it a try for a while.
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    @RememberMe Tried it sole months ago, and while I'm a poor pilot, I really enjoyed my sessions! I'll give it another go once I get my new PC :D

    If you want to watch some videos, I suggest Terrada just for the piloting skills.
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