At a festival where I was with my GF from back then, I asked her whether it was OK if I drank some more, which she was fine with, but she didn't get the implication.

Later in the tent, when I was totally drunken, she turned me around and wanted some action. The sudden movement didn't go well, I was just able to open the tent, vomited out of the tent, and turned around to continue sleeping.

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    Lightweight 😋
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    @Root ouch... ;-)
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    @Root That wasn't two, three beers. All in all, rather like a bottle of vodka. ^^
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    I'm drunk after a couple shots, or 3-4 beers.

    Apparently I'm a lightweight.

    I take it you didn't get any action afterward?
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    @Wisecrack She didn't get action - when I'm drunken, I'm neither able nor willing anyway. That's why I had asked beforehand.
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    damn bro, a full bottle of vodka would have killed me. I AM a lightweight, the only thing that does not overly fuck me up is bourbon
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