Keep this between us, but I got sexually assaulted in a work party by a very old guy who worked at the venue.

I didn't bring it up because a) I had already resigned from that company and was on my notice period, and b) I was going to leave the country in a few weeks and couldn't be arsed having to think about it on my vacation or even after.

Still pretty awkward with myself because after that, the very drunk me got emotionally unhinged, went outside and cried my eyes out for no reason. 😐
Like, it wasn't even the worst assault that has ever happened to me so what was the hysterical crying and panic about ffs?

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    Sorry you went through that.
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    @ODXT 😛 why are you sorry? Young mamn, get back to your work or sleep or whatever and stop wasting your time reading crap.
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    🙁 hug hug
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    What an asshole 😡

    Sorry that happened to you.

    Its not good to surpress things, if thqt happen with you again, just tell him to fuck off and make a scene
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    What a crusty dusty douche canoe.
    I hope he gets shingles and dies of a broken hip.
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    The point of awkwardness was my mental breakdown tho, guys!
    Don't focus too much on the stuff that happens everyday to a worse degree to other women. 😛 Plus, I could get myself out of there, which is about the best anyone can manage while being intoxicated.
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    Like, I don't mean don't focus, but like, this is history with not much damage while other women are getting beaten, raped and murdered. Like, this doesn't need sympathy, but those do.

    (am I overdosing on the word "like"? Yes, I am)
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    @NoMad We're just giving you some support 🤗

    I'm sorry to hear this regardless and hope that you'll be alright!

    (An empathetic sorry, since I don't have anything to do with this otherwise 😅)
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    @NoMad All the douche canoes need to catch shingles and die of broken hips tbh. Not just the dusty crusty ones.
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    @Root that, I agree with!
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    What did he do tell me details
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    Hugs OP. Fuck that guy.
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    I don't know how you'd exactly feel, bc that never happened to me (I'm a 16 year old male teen), but I can only guess it sucks ass. Thank God you resigned from that job. Sending 1000 hugs via HTTPS.
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    That's fucked up.

    Fucked up that it happened, fucked up that it has happened to you before, fucked up that it is a nuisance to you (this isn't something anyone should have to "put up with"), fucked up that he got away with it, fucked up that he will do it again, it is just FUCKED UP!
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    @NoMad don't worry I will have more hug hugs to those poorer women
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    You bring up person who did bad thing, the bring up yourself who did nothing wrong -> I naturally focus on the bad thing. 👀
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    Just earlier today I mentioned to someone else that 2 girls tried giving me a roofie on 2 different occasions. I felt so strange afterwards because the situation would have been really fucked up if something would have happened. It was not an attack per se, but I remember feeling highly attacked. Your case seems harder, so the mental breakdown is not to be taken lightly or something for you to be bad about, I just hope nothing worse came to be and for that retard to die by being fucked to death by a bear. People like that disgust the fuck out of me.
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    Your rants always go right for the feels. And not the good ones either. The ones that make me want to beat up all the sick bastards that give humans a bad name. You're awesome girl, keep it on the up up and good luck with your new ventures in a new country! :)
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