Currently a lower manager (I lead a team but I report to a handful of uppers). In my line of work the holiday season means more work instead of vacation. My team consists of 4 other guys, 2 of which aren't worth their weight in shit, 1 guy who's leaving for the military soon, and 1 guy who's just okay. The first 2 are about to be fired for any number of reasons, and there's no plans to hire anyone else. The lady in charge of hiring is incompetent; should've been hiring anyways for the past several months and hasn't (not due to a lack of applicants either).

I consider myself the hardest worker of the team, and one of the best in the whole place. Well, instead of being rewarded with even so much as a peptalk, my superiors have seen fit to tell me that I'm not doing enough. Like holy shit really? Are they taking credit for my work or are they just retarded? Track record at this place isn't all that great to begin with. I'm not in a position to leave as I need the money to put myself through college, but I'm thinking about hopping on the minimum effort squad at this point.

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    "I'm thinking about hopping on the minimum effort squad at this point."

    It might not work out well depending on what statistics they can gather from which application you've to use during work (e.g. Atlassian Jira, Bitbucket, etc).

    If your company uses Atlassian products then be warned. They collect all sorts of data and you'll be able to see a performance drop immediately.
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    I See two paths forward.

    A) Look for a new job and as soon as you got one Quote your current (this Way you won't have a gap in income)

    B) schedule a meeting with your superiors (and possibly HR), tell them how you feel and ask them in how they plan to resolve this situation, a.k.a. have it in a written form, what they expect from you, since they don't seem to be happy, until when the list manpower will be replaced, etc. Make them understand, that you won't just take their shit!
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    Worst case scenarios.

    A.A) They find out that you're looking for another job and call you into HR. They'll proceed to tell you it's not working out and they'll terminate you on the spot.

    A.B) You got the new position and quit your old job. Your old employer calls your current employer and tells HR that you were a horrible employee and you get, again, called into HR. Guess what happens next.

    B.A) Nothing happens as HR deemed your solution as "not profitable" or "not suited for the company."

    B.B) Depending on how you're handling the situation, there's a chance of losing your job.
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    Sure that possibility always exists, however just staying there and taking shit isn't really an option ist it?
    And even if the old company calls the new one, if they see, that you're a good worker they'll probably figure out, that the old employer is full of shit. I don't know where OP is from, but most civiliced countries habe some labour laws, protecting you from these kind of power games.
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    with all the concerns, one should not be fired over a written complaint, if you dont do them a lot it may work.
    seek a personal talk with that hiring person first however, its hard to notice mistakes when noone tells you.
    or well you quit.
    blacklisting i dont see as a problem, since any good company (which the next one should be ideally) doesnt give a crap.
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    There are company standards on place, and I'm currently well above those standards. I live in the US, specifically in an 'at will' state (they can fire you at will) that's not to say there aren't laws that protect me. Because I'm just doing what is deemed standard, it would do them more harm than good to get rid of me (unemployment, company stock, etc.). I do look for other jobs in my downtime, and I'm fairly certain my superiors know this. Idk whats going on in their heads. Assuming anythings going on in their heads.
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