Music/Headphone gurus !
Can anybody tell me the difference between ANC (active noise cancellation) and CVC (clear voice capture).
I want to buy a neckband and a variant of it says that it has active noise cancellation while other boasts of CVC and doesn't mention ANC .

I understand that cvc is used for in-call clear capture while active noise cancellation reduces the sound in music too.

Am i right ?
Does it mean the one with cVc won't work in music ?

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    As far as I understand, CVC cancels noise picked up by your microphone during a call to improve quality on the other end and is not related to ANC in any way
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    To add to @SanitizedOutput 's answer: ANC uses microphones on the headset which measures ambient sound and then the headset will generate a sound with a waveform negative of the ambient sound so it cancels it out.

    I have a pair of headsets with ANC and it is amazing when I am in the train station or on trains since I can't hear the engine noise.
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    If you need for all the noice in your office to go away -- get ANC headphones. Over-ear muffs do help too.

    I've had 2 ANC-enabled headphones' pairs so far (broke both of them :/ ) and the third one is on its way (WH1000XM3). Should arrive some time around Christmas :)
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    Yeah ANC reduce sound quality but I don’t think you can spot that if you buy high quality pair of headphones.

    CVC is software solution to improve call quality while ANC is hardware solution to emit wave that would cancel noise coming to your ear.

    For obvious reasons ANC won’t work if noise changes it’s frequency fast.

    So if you have problems with noise buy over the ear ANC high quality headphones.

    Each manufacturer of headphones take more attention to different parts of sound wave and are picked by different customers. Some people prefer more bass other more visible higher frequencies so chose wisely and don’t buy cheap or you will pay twice.
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    @netikras Just got the WH1000XM3

    They. Are. Fantastic!
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    btw: ANC ftw
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    @Mizz141 I'm jelly! 😕
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