For you, what's the most stressful thing about being a developer?

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    Being confident
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    Home issues
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    Not staying on task
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    Meeting percieved expectations.
    They're always like six times higher than the real ones.
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    Other people
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    Explain non-techie people (often managers) why their expectations are not working because of techie stuff
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    *Having* to keep up with new shit. Some of which will die out, but some of which will stick around, so in order to not become a senior dev being ranted about on here, we need to keep learning. Sometimes we need a break though, and after two weeks, there's already three new shits out that you need to at least have heard of.

    I'm not even talking about JS frameworks.
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    Designers who think they know how to code.
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    @theMaintainer Dealing with that one right now.

    * The controller action is in the wrong controller.
    * The syntax is ancient, redundant, and (nitpick) in the wrong order.
    * The view doesn't define a Rails form, just a form tag with some controls.
    * The controls don't have proper names
    * There is no model
    * There is no database table at all to store the user response
    * The css is in the wrong stylesheet
    * Hardcoded options
    * Hardcoded contact information

    But yep.
    "It's basically done"
    "Just wire it up"

    K, I'll let you know when I rebuild this in its entirety.
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    @tkdmatze Same :

    Talking to people. Specially thinking fast on "How the fuck I can explain that to someone who has 0 technological background?"
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    @Root Such stupidity should be a crime.

    At least converse with the one who structured the system in the first place (granted that person is available)
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    Deadlines. Asking you: can you do this today or tomorrow. Lots of things to learn and practice. Doing unpaid overtimes just to get the job done.
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    @NoToJavaScript i am pretty good in explaining things to non techies

    Explaining why "their ideas" will not work is the hard thing

    You can't call the idea stupid, although it is, to not make them freak out
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    In no specific order:
    - working on a terrible codebase
    - a bad development pipeline which requires you to remember arbitrary details
    - APIs that are acting different from their documentation (with a goddamn wrong WSDL)
    - unreasonable deadlines
    - being interrupted while in the zone
    - pointless meetings
    - perfectionism
    - working on boring/unfulfilling projects
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    Unclear expectations
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