Psst. I managed to smuggle this screenshot off my computer, and I'm bored so I'm sharing it with you.

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    In our UE4 project the level loading hangs at 96%. Always. And then it needs 5 more minutes. 5 very long minutes
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    @sirjofri This was 45. Forty-fucking-five minutes. With cuda and -15 nice value.
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    This is the reason professional content creators use high end machines with maxed out GPUs and Threadripper CPUs and stuff.

    This is nothing, rendering my animations took more than a week total of render time (after hyperoptimizing and using eevee when I could), that was legitimately painful, lol.

    I need a better system.
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    That's the reason why professional studios often hire external render farms. Afaik autodesk's arnold renderer is unable to gpu compute, so it's all cpu processing. You don't want this, even on a high end machine...
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