Need an advice on what android phone to buy.

I am looking for decent cpu (snapdragon preferribly), decent storage, screen size around 5.5 inch and not too big. A decent battery life. Fingerprint/faceid sensor is a must. Ram at least 4gb.

I am really interested in samsung s10 however they ship s10 devices with snapdragon only to usa and china as far as I know. So In Europe s10 is being sold with exynos cpu which I heard is laggy.

Then I was wondering wether to get a Pixel 4, however I dont like that the battery is only 2800mAh so Im not sure if that will be enough. I looked at Pixel 3a bet then I'm not sure wether 4gb ram will be enough?

Any ideas? Can you tell me about your devices that you are using?

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    I'm currently on OnePlus 6T and the price to performance ratio is great. No problems so far. I'd probably go for 7 or 7T now mostly because of screen brightness boosting and more reasonable set of cameras. Also, you can unlock the bootloader without any unlock code crap, registering on manufacturer site, waiting for approval etc. and it doesn't void you warranty.
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    I concur. I'm using OnePlus 7 since October and I'm in love with it. Changed from Samsung S8 and never looked back. Price is decent, performance incredible. Cameras mediocre. Battery lasts for a full day no problem. It also charges very quickly thanks to Warp Charge
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    I'm using a Pixel 3a XL and it's just lovely, we even got the Pixel 4 features now, at least some themes and styles.

    Battery is way more than enough for one day, I've never run into battery problems.

    I strongly recommend it.
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    @Ranchu is 4gb ram and 64gb storage enough for you? Also what about screen size 6.0 inch is it too big or no?
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    @gronostaj Have you had the need to resort to the warranty? If yes, is it easy to re-lock the bootloader?
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    Luckily I didn't have the need to use warranty yet. I've also been using OnePlus One since 2015 and no problems there too (although 6T is way more polished both hardware- and software-wise). Relocking the bootloader can be done using single fastboot command + confirmation on the device. AFAIR there are no e-fuses, once you relock it looks like it's never been unlocked (well, assuming you're still on stock ROM). But IIRC they accept unlocked phones for warranty too. As long as hardware damage isn't your fault, they don't care about software.
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    oneplus all the way.
    samsung and apple both dont deliver imo
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    Any phone over 500 euros will be fine.
    I have S10 and it is as shitty as any other Android phone. Beautiful design, super hardware and leggy/glitchy google Android.

    /me wants my Windows phone back !
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    iPhone for me and I've never looked back.
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