What's the point of making the box

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    Where are the climate activists now
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    Greta's crying now, thanks.
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    Something to put on the shelf in a store I guess. But then again, why this isn't just a leaflet - I don't know...
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    Haha, I got one of them for free when I bought my laptop. Still haven't opened it yet. Expired 2 years ago. Windows Defender ftw!
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    It looks bigger this way
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    Funny thing but.... The bigger the box - the better the product :)

    Once we did testing in our school, where we gave people out a leaflet with specific codes for ESET antivirus system... There was a 1000 in total. Small portion of them was used and even smaller - where people were happy. Now, when we gave out a BOX (quite literally) of the same system, same amount - more than half of it was used and we got compliments that it didn't require a CD to use (we've used same trick, surprise - NO CD!!!). To our surprise - people actually ticked a box where it said that bigger box provided them with confidence... Even if it was mostly empty with the same code....


    That was stupid indeed and does not reflect anything but... Bigger is always better in people mind. Same goes for office 365 subscription... Their box is like 4 cd's thick but inside you have a code + manual....
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    Have you ever bought a "physicall copy" of a modern AAA game? Same shit! You buy it thinking you gonna save a lot of download time and there's just a sticker with a license code
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    Because 95% of people wouldn’t understand the product without this box. The goal is to SALE, not to be “cool kid”
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    @willhertz The whole gold master concept went out the window, when cd readers are not sold with most computers now.
    Also - the cost of printing the disks is very high... so downloading costs less.
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    That reminds me of wireless network plugs where you have to download the drivers online for Linux.
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    @KuroTenshi67 and still a big chance that won't work for your distro's kernel/folder structure/architecture/compiling switches/and a long, hard and ejaculating etcetera
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    It is for them boomers...
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    Ooh hey a free cd/dvd/blueray case =b shweet
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