"Did you really buy a macbook to put ubuntu on it?"
"Wow why would you use such an overpriced piece of garbage just to put linux on it?'
"You made the worst choice of hardware to put ubuntu on"

Maybe, just maybe, I didn't fucking buy it myself and I got it from work? Maybe I didn't fucking pay a dime to get a laptop to put ubuntu on it? Ever considered that I got it for fucking free and have the privilege to do what I want with it?

Go fuck yourself if your first assumption is that I would actually buy a macbook just to erase MacOS from it

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    Did you actually say that? Because I sure would.
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    @kescherRant No I got downvoted to oblivion on reddit, on programmerhumor even, so I left that and came here :)
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    Wiping MacOS for putting on Ubuntu seems good practice to me..

    Meanwhile: I misspelled your nickname on this follow up rant and was afraid you had left the platform
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    the pre-touchbar macbooks are awesome, best keyboard and touchpad. But I doubt it will work as nicely as in macos.
    The touchbar macs with this weird keyboard and usb-c r crap though 😐
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    I can't stand the touch bar. After it crashes multiple times, or maxes out your volume and then locks up for 5 minutes, resetting volume to max constantly so you can't turn it down, you kinda start thinking that maybe complicated keyboard software isn't the best idea.

    On the other hand though, parrots: https://github.com/mjaniszew/...
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    I'm probably going to wipe mine and put bodhi on it just as soon as I get this lenovo in. It was already having problems with el captain and high sierra just made things worse.

    Probably won't keep windows on the lenovo either. I thought about maybe dual booting for gaming purposes but no one seemed to be complaining about running fallout on linux when I looked so I doubt I'll even bother with it.
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    yeah, what an idiot, seriously ubuntu on a macbook? whats wrong with debian :D
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    @Mr-Myrk Did I mention I use Arch?
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    Never judge a developer until you have walked miles in his shoes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    People whine because they can. Asking for it, would've been if Windows was installed instead!

    Ooh... that's an idea. Just because I can. ;-)
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    It's only natural for people to assume the funnier option to be true. For jokes' sake.
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    Wiping mac os seems a good practice , if you must use a macbook
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    > "You made the worst choice of hardware to put Ubuntu on"

    I have to run Ubuntu on Virtual box for work. Gets sooo sllloooowwwww.
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    @andpeterson I never had to do it but I always thought that if that would happen to me, I would just create a partition on my work computer and mount it on something like Elementary OS installed on a thumb drive.

    That way, code base stays on the work machine and I wouldn't have to deal with Windows.

    I don't know what that would do to speeds though but I imagine it can't be slower than Vbox on Windows.
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