The struggle of a programmer

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    Me : I need to sleep.
    Brain : Nah, lets think about how to solve the problem we got earlier.
    Me : But im soo tire..
    Brain : Wait, I think i know the solution...
    Me : Really, what are we waiting for
    *Turn on computer*
    Brain : When I think about it, I dont think its gonna work lol
    Me : WTF
    Brain : How about some cat videos before sleep...
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    This is literally me .... Except the vegetables are ... Like an entire slab of meat ... 😷 No vegetables ever.
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    I'm a bit loopy, but I really laughed way too hard at this.

    "Guess we'll never know..."
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    I guess I'm alone here.. I eat roughly 200g of veggies, 2-3 pieces of fruit, go for a run and general exercise..

    It will give you more (and better) energy than any coffee will ever do :)
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    Me feeling terrible is mostly a sign of me going into caffeine withdrawal because it's past noon and I did not have my coffee yet.
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