In a time where a web dev is expected to know, well.. everything... Backend -JAVA, python, nodejs and C++ would be great.
Front- angular, react, other 10 libs
DBs -sql, mongo, redis, elastic, kafka, rebbitmq
Also be devops on the side with AWS and docker kubernetis and more stuff

How the f is that possible?

In my real job for the last couple of years and different companies, I usually use 1 language/framework & 1 main DB.. and although it's possible in some companies, but in mine, ppl dont get access to AWS etc..

So let's say there's me.. a server side dev for years.
So I decide to be better and learn Golang.. cool lang, never needed in my job, after few days of not using it I forgot all I learned and that was it.

Then I realized I gotta know some frontend cause everyone want a fullstack ninja nowadays.. so I tried Vuejs.. it was amazing .. never got to use it at work, cause i was a backend, and we didnt use frameworks on our products back then..
Also forgotten.

Then I decided to learned nodejs, because this is the coolest thing ever.. hated it, but whatever... Never got to use it at work, cause everything was written in other lang which the whole team knew... Forgot the little i knew.

Then I decided, its time to see what Angular is, cause everyone started using it... similar idea to vuejs which i barely remembered, but wow it's a lot of code to remember, or I'll have to google everything.. so I went over it, but can't say i even learned it.

Now Im trying to move on to python, which, I really am learning in depth.. however, since I dont have real experience with it, no one gives me a shot at being a python dev, so again i feel like I'm trying to memorize syntax and wasting my time..

Tired of seeing React in all job ads, i decided to have a look what's that all about.. and whadoyaknow... It's fucking the same idea as vue/angular with again different syntax..


in how many syntaxes do i need to know how to make a fucking crud api, and a page with same fucking post form, TO BE A GOOD PROGRAMMER?!?

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    That's why I think it's stupid to ask languages in job requirements.

    If you know working OOP, in 2-3 weeks you can learn the syntax of OOP languages (C#, Java)

    If you know working in relational DBs, in 2-3 weeks you can learn the syntax (Mysql, postgresql, pl/sql)
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    Web devs had to be smart and invent new shit instead of just using jsp, now reap what you sow
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    The best way I found to prove myself is by doing a small side project in it and put that on my resume as backing for why I know it
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    @tekashi And despite / because of all the smartness and progress, webpages are an ever more bloated and crawling morass that take 3MB of crap to deliver half a kB of actual content.
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    Same thing over here.

    "D tin taya me walahi" 😁
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    It's called the web, one of the most complicated and verbose areas of programming when every one wants the latest buzzwords stapled together into something that's suppose to be a information page with a simple form for lead generation.

    E-commerce used to be the hardest and largest thing to build or a large scale CMS / ERP, now it's a "simple" hello world using NodeJS. 🤷‍♂️

    As to you wanting to learn python, learn it and start automating tasks you do on a daily / weekly basis with it, or use it with selenium to bring BDD testing into you're sites.

    I've found working with other languages that aren't needed for the job the easiest to forget, but find a way to bring them into you're daily life and you'll be fine.
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