(PSA: serious replies to this kind of wk tag might be best suited under Random)

"The way you've done this seems much less complicated that what I would've come up with."

"You've been reading Clean Code?"

"I didn't think that was possible, nice."

And finally, the most extreme one:

"Can you print this code for me so I can hang it on my wall of good code?"

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    Its called the weekly rant ye cunt
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    @AlgoRythm ok ye cunt but the tag is wk* anyway
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    Hey now, it could be worse!

    My old boss printed out *emails* for 'safekeeping'.

    Dick pills? Hot asians? Nigerian prince scams? You name it. He printed everything.

    He had stacks of emails laying around a back room, going back years. Some of them water had dripped on, others had obviously been gnawed on by rats or mice.

    Shit was insane.
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