My CTO gave me the "designer of the year" - award, after I successfully replaced the logo from a provided template html file.

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    Either it's compliment or a sarcasm lol
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    Awards are usualy a way to improve your CV. take a hint.
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    I bet the real designer was
    pissed as hell.
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    @volttide Still not entirely sure, but judging by the type he is and the fact that he encourages very often, I think it's an encouraging joke 😂

    @katbreitin the real designer needs to step up his game, when he wants to compete with me 😤😂💯
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    But which year? 1973?
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    give your CTO "cto of the year" award.

    he won't get it, but you'll amuse yourself by the irony.
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    Well deserved IMO.
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