Guys, I need a mood bump :/ Christmas is almost here and it's raining as hell outside..

Does anyone have a snowy view whereever you are? Could you share those views? Thank you!

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    I have 10* degrees, no snow.
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    Nope, no snow here, and it was 20°C two days ago. (Hard to think I'm in the northern hemisphere sometimes).

    If that can make you feel better, there was some on a nearby mountain not too long ago, but it didn't last long.
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    @Jilano so.. Has the snow gone extinct except for the mountains...?
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    Lookup ski resort webcams 😂
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    @netikras Could be, or we might see some in a month or so. Not sure, though, since January/February were pretty hot in 2019 too.
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    Global warming says hi
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    We have Harmattan over here 😁
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