Have a Merry X-Mas, and for those that are offended by that wish ....

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    Haven't heard anyone being offended by Christmas but I've heard a fuckload of cunts moaning about people being offended by Christmas. Weird.
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    @odite I guess I put you on the 'offended' list, going by your passive-aggressive response ?
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    @Hansz yeah sure
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    Wait. You guys have snow?!
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    Reminds me of the Visual Studio Code repo being privated for a day a short while ago since 1 (one) person said they were offended by a tiny santa hat that was added to the corner of the UI to celebrate Christmas.
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    The common expression is "Happy holidays". Nice and generic.
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    I take it like this.
    If we can tolerate people that celebrate something else and not write about it somewhere then i think it would be just fine if they could tolerate our holidays too.
    For example vscode had santa hat at settings wheel. It was sweet. Got removed because someone took it as offensive and they had to remove it.
    But yeah. Happy holidays to everyone.
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