Concept: an app that runs on a smartwatch that activates when you disable an alarm (temporarily, not through the settings) and uses the on board sleep sensors to re-enable the alarm so you dont over sleep. But if you do actually wake up the first time, you dont need to disable a second alarm.

I would love to know if this app already exists or if someone is going to make it

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    Main problem is battery life of the smart watches, ever since pebble, none have the power to do so
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    @enron456 it should only need to run a small script for 10 or so minutes to make sure you wake up. Unless the sleep sensor takes mutch more power then i thought
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    @skyjoe66 it's the same reason why more people don't sleep with their smart watch because the sleep data and the alarm take Subway to punch power. Currently doing wear OS and watch OS, neither have the optimizations required to keep the battery life lasting more than 18 hours on a watch. Both of them have opted for ease of development rather than battery in my opinion
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    @enron456 huh, my watch (Samsung active 2) lost less than 30% last night, not great but i think it could work.
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    @enron456 Don't forget that there's fitness trackers too that do sleep tracking. My Mi Band 4 lasts roughly two weeks before I have to recharge it (With sleep tracking and continuous pulse monitoring enabled)
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    @skyjoe66 I've thought about having 2 smart watches and having one specific for sleep but hey if you do get it to work comment the code, I'm curious to see how it works
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