Just an idea.

If I remember correctly, Symbian OS was a free, open-source OS, right?

How about people start working with it again? It could make a great Android alternative if enough were willing to work with it.

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    @irene Seems like it was in 2010-2011, but I don't remember if it was free...
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    aosp, webos, symbian, tyzen... I feel like the problem isn't so much open source operating systems, it's a lack of hardware standardization.

    There need to be more device manufacturers who publish their drivers and tools as open source, so we can install anything we want on the device.
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    AFAIK, Android Open Source Project can be used without Google features, so you have a decent OS and I think that's what @linuxxx did, he removed all the G related stuff.

    Lately, Project Treble it's going on stronger https://xda-developers.com/how-proj...

    That seems promising, so you can have your device being supported by Android in a few days, remove G stuff and voila, a neat Android device without (a lot) of effort as before.
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    @Pointer My phone isn't supported by AOSP yet but for now I just root-firewall everything google :)
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    @linuxxx If google wants to hire you for some reason, how will you react?
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    @linuxxx That's sad. But yeah, you gotta do whatever's at your reach though. Check out the link I shared, maybe that can shine some light for your phone.

    I don't know about you, but I enjoy Motorola phones, they get as close as possible to AOSP (they even have AOSP custom ROMs).
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    @CozyPlanes 'i will work for you but I want a tin foil surrounding my cubicle/work space"
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    To be honest, I'm saying this because out of all phone operating systems that I have used Symbian was the most stable one and also very customizable. I got a Nokia 5130 XpressMusic back when it came out that had it and the phone is still alive to this day and not even slightly weaker. My friend had a Symbian phone which was very like an Android phone hardware-wise.

    Too bad Nokia went to shit. I just hope it can come back with Symbian.
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    The problem is the hardware drivers.
    I've ported and compiled AOSP a few times already, half the time you end up with a half working machine because generic android programs don't really know how to take the most of the hardware.
    I should mention Sony is one of the honorable mention, they actually allow you to download their own stuff so you don't need to rely on binary blobs.
    But you won't ever be able to build a more optimized version of the os than the manufacturer itself.
    Think of battery life and the wonderful hacks they built in their android versions.
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    Reviving Sambian would be like reviving windows XP right now. Too much work and absolutely no need
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    @Huuugo To be honest, I had a friend who had a computer with Windows XP until 2015-2016. I don't remember exactly...
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    If revive a Nokia OS why not MeeGo? Kt was destined to be the successor to Symbian, but never really got a chance, due to company politics...
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    For a "for fun" project it doesn't sound that bad, tho in order to make it a viable option for daily-use, one would need support from big players like Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram (yes, I know those are owned by Facebook).

    - Canonical tried witb Ubuntu Phone
    - Mozilla with FirefoxOS
    - Microsoft with Windows Phone (this is somehow still alive)
    - Jolla tried with SailfishOS (this somewhat succeeded due to the Android Compatibility Layer)

    And the list goes on...
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    @FinlayDaG33k Still using Windows Phone!
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    @CozyPlanes didn't say it was dead, just that it somehow survived
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    Symbian is actually awesome. It just feels so alternative and indie
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