Devrant is not stack overflow, thank you for coming to my ted talk

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    Oh, you are a TED presenter? Care to share a youtube link to your talk?
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    Weird. Have maybe seen a handful of technical questions posted. Where's that come from?
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    @odite yeah, like debate on a technical topic is chill asking technical questions I've definitely seen on stack overflow defeats the point
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    @enron456 I didn't quite get you.. Could you elaborate? And why the downvote? Did I offend you in any way?
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    @netikras might be the culture difference, but it's kinda a meme here for just saying welcome to my ted talk whenever you have a hot take. And ok boomer when someone makes a dated insult/claim
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    @enron456 you remind me of the intern I always sent to get the coffee so I'd be able to think in peace.
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    @enron456 so then thanks for your insult I guess..? Not very nice of you I reckon, don't you?

    I've been 'round here for a while and only have seen a handful of posts ended with that retarded "welcome to my ted talk". That is not a trend nor a meme "HERE" by any means, just a few infants trying to pretend being "cool" 'like these people I've seen on a telly'. Are you one of them?
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    @confusionsays that's the usual consensus ahaha
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    @netikras I mean you are the one who can't take a joke about Ted talks and here's the reference: https://google.com/amp/s/...

    Frankly if you want to roast someone for their choice of joke and take it that seriously, I feel like ok boomer is a valid response
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    @enron456 the joke isn't that funny :) and frankly quite annoying. People wouldn't be ranting about it if it wasn't.

    Thank for the insult again.
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    You didn't serve a "hot take" at all. You said something completely irrelevant then put someone down when they came back at you.
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    its also not a tedtalk stage
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    if someone said that to me, I'd be like "eh, it was ted-x at best."

    Ted X is like the raving hobo pissing in the alleyway BEHIND a ted talk.
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