Converting all my side projects from C# .Net Framework to C# .Net Core (or Node.js) is a rewarding but long process.

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    I'd also take the time to convert some to other languages.
    I have a pure dot net core project that now I'm splitting into:
    DotNet Core
    Maybe NodeJs too, tho not sure if I'd go that road.

    Just for the sake of learning
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    How is it rewarding
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    @tekashi it's rewarding in the sense that the services are no longer tied to Windows servers. Containerising them in Linux containers means they're a lot more portable.

    I don't mean to say there's anything wrong with .Net Framework as it certainly has it's use cases and will do for a long time. But from my perspective it's rewarding to "liberate" them.
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    @gitpush good approach.

    I have some monoliths I'm looking to break down into microservices. I think the majority would fit Node.js or .Net Core but if there's an opportunity to learn something new then I'm always open to it.
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    Oh i thought .net also ran on linux, im not really up to date with anything c# lol
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    @tekashi .Net Core runs on Linux but .Net Framework is Windows only.

    C# has evolved!
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    @LMagnus same here, I'm reading Microservice architecture by Sam Newman, and applying what I read into this side project 😀
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