I am struggling to have a holiday that includes no work. I keep on panicking at random times that I'll forget to code if I go any longer. Very silly fear I know but it's happening. I dont wanna feel like I have to rediscover my path around my projects when I get back to them. So i think of their structures and things needed to complete them from time to time just to make sure I am on track.

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    Word of advice that I've not only learned from experience but also from other more experienced people than me

    if you can't understand your own code after going away from it for a few days, it's probably bad code, or more specifically, unreadable.

    Endeavor to create code that you feel someone else who has never seen your code before would be able to understand after a LITTLE looking around.
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    You have to take a break
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    Leave the code behind. That's what the holiday is for, to rest and reset.

    If you're code is illegible when you get back, you have either learnt something new in ways of structuring code or you're code is bad to begin with.

    I do very little work when on holidays, beyond running a script to check on production servers and running some data imports maybe once or twice a week... (it takes like 5 min to run) I don't even turn the laptop on
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    @P4nda haha no man, it's not about the code being good or bad. Basically even if code is good you still have to run through it and "refresh" so to say then carry on working
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    @P4nda however your point is super valid :)
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    @C0D4 are you trolling with your misspelling of your
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    @electrineer nope, latest iOS can't spell again. Driving me nuts so I have up and whent with what it wanted. Can only force a word so many times 🤷‍♂️
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    @C0D4 can't you disable auto correct? That's always the first thing I do with a new rom.
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    @electrineer it's usually fine. I do enjoy misspelling words and what bing them fix themselves but yea today it's getting your, mixed with you're and their mixed with then

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    @C0D4 you also get double spaces all the time
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    @electrineer interesting I turned on the slide to text (keyboard gesture) and this little bitch can spell again 😑Apple being a pain in my ass today.

    Their their they're then watching watching your you're hello.

    The double spaces are probably from trying to fix the words back up.
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