The moment when NVIDIA realise they just compared there too of the line laptop chip to what is essentially a mid range device... I mean... The math checks out but you know... You compare nano to vim and you know what that looks like

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    Gotta do what you can to justify the insane pricing, eh
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    @Jilano but I love how NVIDIA always pop up and are just like 'ha! Consoles, you don't want that AMD shit, our GPU on paper has far more power for twice the price'

    Doesn't take into account the CPU, full hardware design and the fact that... You know, you pair the 2080 MaxQ with a core 2 duo, it's still technically more powerful... But
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    @lxmcf How dare you use logic and facts against marketing! That's unfair, stop that!
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    @Jilano fuck I'm sorry!

    *Clears throat*

    Fuck consoles, PC master race *strokes debt to build PC just so you can day you built a PC*
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    @lxmcf That's more like it, matey! Now go get that fake leather jacket, your RGB choker, and look proudly to your overpriced GPU
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    @Jilano and don't forget your pro gamer socks!

    Funny... now that I think about it - just a couple years ago a sweater with lights would be sold in the Christmas clothing section - now it's under "pro gaming".
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    @theKarlisK do pro gamer socks prevent blood clots?
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    @electrineer Nope, only "money clot" in your wallet.
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    They may be faster, but only until a single piece of dust gets in. Then they overheat and you can be happy if you can play minesweeper at 20 fps.
    Like all gaming v laptops..
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    @lxmcf interestimg choice of words considering virtually the same specs run with almost 1/3 less power consumption...
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    * Laughs in RTX2080 desktop with full RGB bullshit, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with VR Set *

    You guys clearly just aren't marketing yourselves well enough.
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    @Emphiliis As a coincidence, basically all laptops today have their intakes facing down.
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    @kwilliams where do you live? I mean with address and all. I want to rob you
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