Sometimes Python isn't that easy to read 🙄

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    Anything can be hard to read
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    what was the offending piece of Python code?
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    itNeverFuckinIs(youDontKnowWhatThisIs, YouAlSoDonKnoWhatThisIs.hahaFuckYou(120, ["lol","what?"]))
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    Depends on who codes. Like when I worked with this programmer the code structure is a mess you can make a more readable code in js
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    Honestly, in my opinion it always is. I started with and am used to languages that use some sort of { + } or then + end, so python looks kind of odd no matter how I look at it
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    @LostEth0 your comment is hard to read as well
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    @bettoisc lol your not wrong
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    Valid python code:
    a if a > b else b

    Is it readable? Circumstancial? It definitely reads like a natural language, but is that good? Is it bad though? Dunno

    Honesty, Im getting to like python a lot but Im not yet convinced its power lies in readability... It's definitely an interesting tool though
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