So for 2020, will there be a new cool language to bash on, or will it continue to be JS and python?

I find it strange how python hate is just popping up everywhere and to me it seems like it just started happening nov/dec.

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    How about bashing jQuery, we havn't had that in a while, and anyone using it for new projects has egg on his face anyway.
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    @Fast-Nop Boiled or fried and what would you like me to use instead given the headache "modern" frameworks offer.
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    @C0D4 Raw and ugly. What you would use? Vanilla JS of course. jQuery has lost its purpose because it's not necessary anymore to polyfill old IE, and in fact jQuery 2+ doesn't even support old IE anymore anyway.

    There's no point in using it for new projects except failing at Vanilla JS, and a frontend dev who needs jQuery to polyfill his lack of knowledge in Vanilla JS should go and flip burgers at McD instead.
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    @Fast-Nop great, but McD rejected my application too.

    Guess I'll need to suck up this egg protein shake and attempt to use VanillaJS again.
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    @C0D4 Also, your question didn't make much sense to me because jQuery and modern frameworks do completely different things so that one isn't really an alternative to the other.
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    I think we will be able to bash Microsoft's language based on Rust?
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    The thing is, Python is not a bad technology, but for some of us that like to have more...errr... explicitness inside of our code and not be hampered by constraints such as syntactical whitespace, which in my humble opinion plain fucking sucks, well the language seems like a mess. People tend to say that in Python there should be one and preferably one obvious way to do things, and you have it for the most part with things such as Django, but then comes along a Flask project which has a plethora of different folder structures and ways to configure shit ala Express and it gives some of us nightmares. Not only that, but for web development I honestly see no reason why C#, Java, or PHP are constantly being thrown off the table where deployment is as painless as it can get.

    I agree with Fast-Nop in terms of not shitstorming an application with all matters of frontend frameworks and similar shit, JS in its plain vanilla form has gotten good enough to limit the user of most of those things
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    @AleCx04 I was caught in that mess for a while. Honestly I just keep throwing everything out, HTML/CSS and maybe JS to a minimum(in the efforts of AJAX development) are good enough for a lot of things, the moment you are caught doing shiny animation bullshit with JS then you are just throwing shit that does not need to be there, proper CSS can fulfill many of the things that are needed. I get it tho, some project manager or client wants that shiny spinning bs on his page and you have to keep your clients happy. But for developing intranet based applications there is honestly no need to really go above and throw the entire plethora of development frameworks to it.

    What I can respect is craftsmanship, if you want to do it to further your skillset and build this amazing Vue or React or Angular or whatever App, then by all means, knowing all of these things just improves skills. But are they reaaaaaaaaaaaaally needed? maybe not. Coding in them is fun tho, I ain't even gonna try and deny
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    @AleCx04 If the pages were not bloated with useless shit, they wouldn't need progress spinners because they could do the desired action fast enough.

    Also, a neat way to have well performing animations where necessary and meaningful to the user (most are not), that's JS triggered CSS transforms which can do quite a lot these days.
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    Definitely a recent trend. I don't get it either. 🤷‍♂️
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