Excel is another programming language, try to change my mind. 🧐

BTW today I saw a chicken taking a walk using a leash.

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    I’m pretty sure you mean Visual Basic
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    @Bubbles yeah...VB
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    @Bubbles I think you mean Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
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    @C0D4 is it not the same as VB.NET?
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    @Bubbles not quite.
    VB can be used standalone for building applications, VBA can only be used within office products.
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    @C0D4 oh gotcha
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    @Bubbles mind you, Syntax is pretty much the same so 🤷‍♂️
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    No one cares about the 🐔
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    @bettoisc I live In Australia, a chicken on a leash is just another day.
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    Look at all those Chiggens
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    I wrote a program in excel 4; this was pre-VBA and you did, in fact, write everything in cells. It had a GUI, created dynamic sql files for DB2 and executed them in a spawned command shell, read the results and created new spreadsheets with graphs. All using code like

    I can still remember that line all these years later...😂
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    there was a game when you reach certain cell of MS-Excel. One of kid in my class showed it to me.
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