bY tHE WaY i'Am 13

i don't care about your age.

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    @devTea ...and it's not working
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    Are those good examples of what you find interesting in YouTube comments, @Stuxnet?
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    @wowotek Btw. I'm 6 and look I'm like super talented the whole industry will kneel in front of me, when I'm an adult. You with your small brain capacity will not get it, that at MY age of 6, I in between my arithmetic and spelling classes have learned the whole linux kernel code by heart. Being just s i x y e a r s I have 15 years of experience in (insert some egzotic 6 months old js framework), so your intellect cannot compare to mine.
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    @wowotek that's what I read when I see "BTW. I'm (number)"
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    @dontPanic oh no, i'm failing in life. halp


    btw i'm 192
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    Wait they didn't say that was their age. Maybe they're prisoners and they are just stating their inmate's number.
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    13 is an odd name/alias imo..

    Btw, I'm netikras
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    Goise im 2 and I already code in scratch! Bow before me!
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    Oh I don't know.. maybe because they're kids?
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    @theuser Yes but why do they feel so obligated to tell everyone how old they are? I wasn't like that as a kid. I just shitposted and never mentioned my age.
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    ngl i used to do that too when i was super young lmao, now I see why it is cringy
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    @TheItalianGuy tell us, why you do that?
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    @aureliagbrl I was a kid :) simple as that!
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    Doesn't care about someone's age. Proceeds to comment about it and posts a screenshot to devrant.
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    I can write perfect highly optimized x86 assembly in vim

    Btw I'm 18446744073709551617 (2^64+1)
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    @Tayo btw I am unsigned long long int
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    I have long long don...

    btw I'm 7 yo
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    @kescherRant yes you did, you told everyone just like me and pretty much everybody else did.
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    @wowotek this the dev that HR needs when they are looking for 8 years of experience with React/anynewlanguangesorlibrary
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    @theuser nah, not really
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    @electrineer long time no see!
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    @devTea apparently
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    @aureliagbrl max unsigned long long
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    @TheItalianGuy I think her question was. What are you thinking that time
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    They replied 🤣
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    @wowotek Fair point, in all honesty, I got no fucking clue! xD Maybe I thought that low age + fancy words = big brain but that's a wild guess tbh
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    Can't blame the kid for being a kid. I learned to code when I was quite young too. A colleague of mine that only codes since uni is literally on par with me in skill, if not better. I have more experience overall but that's all you get, and technology changes fast so half that experience is outdated...

    Starting soon means next to nothing about skill or intellect but then again, being a naive kid is also one of the sweetest things in life, let him enjoy it before life starts kicking him repeatedly in the stomach
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    @Hazarth I'm not tryna judge him with anything, I'm with my @aureliagbrl's question. What does they thinking when they put their age on it what did they expect. That's all, nothing biased. It's just funny for me (made me smile, not sarcastically)
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    Sure I don't care about their age, that's the main reason why I asked in the first place
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    For a moment I thought "Show less" was a suggestion to the kid.
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