The web is just a fucked up place. Anytime i have an idea and wanna slap together an mvp, i always feel like web standards are just made by people who have no professional training and once every year come up with some bullshit so they dont get fired.

Figure 1: cors
You wpuld think that setting "access-control-allow-origin" to * would let, well, * through, like in every other field of programming, but no, make sure all 97 other headers match or you will just get a cors error. The server expects application/json and you didnt specify that? Fuck you, have a cors error. Both express and flask have specific packages addressing this one problem so i guess im not the only one.

Figure 2: frameworks
Remember reactive programming? Remember rxjs? No you dont because all frameworks reimplement rx with shadow dom fuckery. Did you know you can have your fucking templates with 5 lines of rxjs code? Amazing huh?

Figure 3: php
It still exists for some reason.

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    Because... well.... it may as well be.
    To many companies, organisations or groups trying to produce "standards" yet all having conflicting meanings of what is "standard"

    Also, I'm just going to leave this here.
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    Please look at my shirt. Thank me later for bringing you joy 😀
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    You had me until the PHP hate
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    and I am glad it does. It has paid the bills with less headaches than any other tech stack I have ever worked on 😊
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    @AlgoRythm Same here. I still dont understand why people react so harshly towards PHP. The funny thing is such people who have barely had any experience with PHP, will fault the language for issues that are fundamentally not of the language but poor implementations by devs.

    Most PHP developers some how are responsible for this bad rep others outside the PHP community gives it. Most developers take the basic, adhoc solutions they learn from tutorials to production without digging deep into the concepts and principles behind them.
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    @ofelix03 PHP SUCKS!!

    *uses mysql package instead of mysqli*
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